Why get an Electric Bike?

Gareth | 21/06/2016 16:51:53

Electric bikes are so good now that it seems now really is the right time to think about getting one. It’s an obvious choice for many to make a regular commute more bearable or for those with slightly limited mobility. For the most part, companies making E-Bikes are moving away from hub motors and.... More

A weekend in the promised land

Gareth | 15/06/2016 12:38:51

Every time I visit Copenhagen (CPH) I am reminded of what is possible. The UK doesn’t have to be a hard place to cycle around and customers to our shop who remark that they’re frightened to ride on the roads ought not be. It seems baffling that it works so well there when we so ably.... More

Is now a better time than ever before to go on a cycle tour?

Gareth | 01/06/2016 12:32:00

  Has technology and accessibility finally reached a stage where just about anyone could equip a bike and head into the wilderness? The likes of Airbnb and the prevalence of the smartphone are amongst many factors making the dream a more conceivable reality. I have the feeling a lot more these days that the answer.... More

Mission Workshop

Gareth | 05/05/2016 11:45:17

I'll start this by saying that this will be in no way balanced and objective. I have been completely won over by the Mission Workshop brand and their products. They've completely nailed their look, online personality and ethos in general and I have become unwittingly a total brand ambassador. For some reason I have a total.... More

FAQs in bike shops

Gareth | 05/05/2016 11:34:07

In the same way that websites will direct inquirers towards FAQs in order to make sure that people have all the relevant information that perhaps doesn’t require such indepth responses, here we have the bike shop’s equivalent: Do I need padded shorts? .... More

Reader’s opinion: Should discs be banned from the Pro-peloton?

Gareth | 04/05/2016 15:54:37

  So after an open letter- well publicised in the cycling world- addressing the concerns of one rider about road bikes having disc brakes we got involved in a (slightly one sided) discussion here in the shop. Now we want to know what your thoughts are? We all found ourselves of the opinion here that there is.... More