Brompton 2017 M6L-X Titanium Nickel Special Edition

Our Verdict: For the first time Brompton have produced their special limited Nickel Edition bike in titanium, with only a very small run these will be extreamly exclusive...

  • Brompton 2017 M6L Lagoon Blue
  • Brompton 2017 M6L Black
  • Brompton 2017 M6L Racing Green
  • Brompton 2017 M6L Ivory
  • Brompton 2017 M6L Black / Lime
  • Brompton 2018 M6L Berry Crush / Black

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Brompton 2017 M6L-X Titanium Nickel Special Edition Description

  • Brand : Brompton
  • Season : 2017
  • Code : BROM17M6L-XNICKEL
  • Weight : 0KG


    Our Verdict:

    The Brompton Nickel Titanium Limited Edition bike is quite simply something special.

    Need we say more....? Well, I guess we should say only a selected number of Brompton dealers have been invited to take them and this was even limited to one per dealer, so if this is the bike for you you'd better be quick!


    Worthy of being considered a modern day design classic, the Brompton bicycle represents a simple concept elegantly executed to produce a bike that is strong, agile, practical and of course ultimately extremely portable, the Brompton bicycle could be argued to be the bench mark against which all other folding bikes are judged.

    This may be considered something of a sweeping statement which is why we are always careful not to describe Brompton as the 'best' folding bike (which is a question often asked of us) as this is entirely subjective depending on the situation the bike is to be used. The Brompton can however be described as the 'best' in the areas in which it excels, there is certainly no other practical folding bike that can fold as small and in our opinion we would be happy to make claim that Brompton have a build quality that is matched by few and surpassed by no other manufacturer of folding bikes.

    The hand brazed steel fame (with a titanium option also available) comes with various options, all of which can be customer defined if desired from the colour through to the gearing. The most significant of these options would be that of the handlebar style which will define the bar height (a choice of the H, M, S or P type) and the gearing (which can range from one speed through to 6, with the additional option to raise or lower the gearing to suit the rider). Beyond this the additional options will tend to be what additional items may be fitted to the bike (ie. mudguards, rack, lights etc), or personal preferences including perhaps the hardest choice of all, the colour!

    The folded size is largely unaffected by the various options and measures 585mm high x 545mm long x 270mm wide (23" x 21.5" x 10.6"). The total weight of a Brompton bicycle can range from 9 – 12½ kg (20 – 28lbs) depending on the configuration selected.


    Please note that due to Brompton dealer terms all Brompton Bicycles can only be collected in person from our shop in Bath.

    Buyers Guide

    Brompton bicycles are described by 3 simple elements; the handlebar, the number of gears and the mudguard/rack option. So a 'Brompton M6L' for example is simply a bike with an 'M' style handlebar, 6 gears and the 'L' option of mudguards. Simple when you know!

    Here are all the basic build options broken down to guide you in the right direction, if you have any quiries we're here to help so just drop us a line or give us a call.


    Handlebar Options

    • H Type: The highest handle bar option. Perfect for those riders who prefer a more upright position on the bike with an unhurried riding style.
    • M Type: The classic Brompton handlebar shape. This was once the only option and it's a great all rounder, upright enough to provide comfortable visibility but not quite as upright as the 'H' bar.
    • S Type: This is the lowest, sportiest handle bar that provides a faster and more aggressive position on the Brompton. The trade off is less room for front luggage due to lower bar so the only compatible bag is the smaller S-Bag.
    • P Type: This bar was designed with the touring cyclist in mind. A twin hand position allows an upright controlled position (with gear and brake levers to hand) as well as a lower more aerodynamic position. The increased size of the bar does make the front end of the bike feel noticeably heavier.

    Speed Options

    • 1 speed: As the name would suggest this is a single gear, ultimatley as lightweight and simple as a transmission can be but it's not for everyone. There are options to make the gear easier or harder from the standard, but it's not an option we would recommend unless you are fit and familiar with riding a single speed bike already.
    • 2 speed: Easier to live with than the single speed option and without any significant weight penalty. The 2 speed version utilizes the simple derailleur used on the 6 speed model to shift between 2 sprockets at the rear, but without the weight of an internal hub gear. We like these, they are a lot of fun but again we would recommend riding one before you commit to the two speed option as it's not for everyone. Ultimatley the spread of gears on a 3 or 6 speed bike make for an 'easier' riding experience.
    • 3 speed: The 3 speed BSR (Brompton Standard Range) hub is an updated version of the classic Sturmey Archer hub with a lighter aluminium hub body. Fully enclosed for reliability and easy to use, it's a popular choice for everyday cycling.
    • 6 speed: Combining the highly efficient BWR (Brompton Wide Range) hub with the simple Brompton derailleur system to provide 6 evenly spaced gears making it the perfect choice for touring and hilly areas. In our opinion, given the negligible difference in weight between the 3 speed and the 6 speed the latter is well worth the extra for the piece of mind of having a lower (easier) gear in hand for those unexpected climbs!

    Mudguard and Rack Options

    • E version: The 'E version' bike comes without mudguards or rack.
    • L version: The 'L' simply means the Brompton is equipped with mudguards, undoubtedly the most popular choice for obvious reasons!
    • R version: The 'R' features mudguards and a rear carrier. The presence of a rear carrier enhances the stability of the folded bike, in addition to providing the an additional carrying capacity of up to 10kg using either the attached cord fasteners or the optional R-Bag rack pack.

    Sizing Information

    Technical Information

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    Brompton 2017 M6L-X Titanium Nickel Special Edition
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