We are an independent bike shop in the centre of the Georgian city of Bath, established for over 30 years. Here you will find an extensive range of bikes featured in store and online, as well as a full range of cycle clothing and accessories. Additionally we have a range of demo bikes available, enabling comparison of your options alongside our knowledgeable staff, who are there to guide you through every step to guarantee you get the perfect bicycle and accessory package for your cycling needs.

Brunel Square Bath BA1 1SX


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Nutrak 700 x 18 - 23c Presta Inner Tube http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/T720N.jpg

High quality Nutrak 700 x 18 - 23c Presta valve inner tube at a more than reasonable price.

Nutrak 700 x 25 - 32c Presta Inner Tube http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/T725N.jpg

Nutrak 700 x 25 - 32c Presta valve inner tube.

Nutrak 700 x 25 - 32c Schrader Inner Tube http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/t725ns.jpg

Nutrak 700 x 25 - 32c Schrader valve inner tube.

Nutrak 700 x 35 - 45c Schrader Inner Tube http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/t735ns.jpg

Nutrak 700 x 35 - 45c Schrader valve inner tube.

Nutrak 700 x 35 - 45c Presta Inner Tube http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/T735N.jpg

Nutrak 700 x 35 - 45c standard length Presta valve inner tube.

Panaracer 700 x 35 - 47c Presta Inner Tube http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/pana.jpg

Panaracer 700 x 35 - 47c Presta valve inner tube.

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