We are an independent bike shop in the centre of the Georgian city of Bath, established for over 30 years. Here you will find an extensive range of bikes featured in store and online, as well as a full range of cycle clothing and accessories. Additionally we have a range of demo bikes available, enabling comparison of your options alongside our knowledgeable staff, who are there to guide you through every step to guarantee you get the perfect bicycle and accessory package for your cycling needs.

Brunel Square Bath BA1 1SX

Racks & Trailers

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M Part Rear Pannier Rack AX3 Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/kam1022.jpg

Designed to work with non-disc brake bikes, this pannier rack is finished to a high standard and will take side panniers as well as rack-top fitting bags.

Saris Bones 3 Car Rack http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/bones-yellow.jpg

Capable of carrying 3 bikes, lightweight construction, easy assembly and foldability for storage, the Saris Bones 3 is an ingenious car rack. It's such an AVC favourite we've created our own multi coloured version.

Topeak Babysitter 2 Child Seat http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Topeak_Babysitter_Front.jpg

An innovative suspension system, quick secure rack attachment and fully customisable seating and harness make this the best child seat in the business.

Topeak Babysitter 2 Rack Only http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Topeak_Babysitter_Standard.jpg

Replacement or second rack for Topeak Babysitter 2 child seat.

Tortec Velocity Hybrid Rack http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Tortec_VelocityHybrid_Black.jpg

Slightly wider than the Velocity, the Velocity Hybrid rear rack is ideal for lightweight load carrying on hybrid and touring bikes.

Tortec Velocity Rack http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Tortec_Velocity_Black.jpg

Sleek and compact design, the Velocity rear rack is ideal for lightweight load carrying.

Carry Freedom Y-Frame Bike Bracket http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/CarryF_Y-Frame_Bracket.jpg

Allows a second bike to also use the trailer without constant removing/refitting of original bracket

Carry Freedom Y-Frame Elastomer Hitch http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/CarryF_Y-Frame_ElastomerHitch.jpg

Heavy Duty reliable hitch for Y-Frame trailer, suitable for commercial use up to 90kgs.

Tubus Rack Stay Extension Kit http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/airnimal_rack_stay_extension_003.jpg

Our Verdict: Handy extension kit to allow the use of conventional full size rear pannier racks on small rear framed and folding bikes.

Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer Large http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/y-trailer_large.jpg

Super tough trailer with a flat base ready to carry anything you need it to. Large wheels to cope with bumpy roads & a light weight aluminium frame.

Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer Small http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/CarryF_Y-Frame.jpg

Super tough trailer with a flat base ready to carry anything you need it to. Large wheels to cope with bumpy roads & a light weight aluminium frame.

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