We are an independent bike shop in the centre of the Georgian city of Bath, established for over 30 years. Here you will find an extensive range of bikes featured in store and online, as well as a full range of cycle clothing and accessories. Additionally we have a range of demo bikes available, enabling comparison of your options alongside our knowledgeable staff, who are there to guide you through every step to guarantee you get the perfect bicycle and accessory package for your cycling needs.

Brunel Square Bath BA1 1SX

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M:Part AX3D Rack Pannier Rear http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/mpart_rack_kam1018.jpg

The M:Part AX3D rear pannier rack is compatable with disc brake bikes by virtue of mounting on the rear hub quick release as opposed to the frame. An extra long quick release is provided.

M:Part Mirror Bikeye Narrow Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/cp0003.jpg

A slim mirror that tucks in to the top of the front triangle of a bike's frame, between the top tube and down tube, where they intersect with the headtube. 

Ass Saver Mudguard Yellow http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/asssaverregyellow.jpg

We love these simple little mudguards, they fold up to hide away beneath your saddle and are always to hand to come out and play when you need them.

CRUD Road Racer MK3 Road Bike Mud Guards http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/road_racer_mk3_001.jpg

If you want proper mudguards on your road bike with the ability to remove them in seconds when the sun is shining the Crud Road Racer guards are just what you need.

MPart MT13 13 Function Multi Tool in Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/img_5643.jpg

A well thought out multi tool at a fraction of the price of more 'branded' products. We've used these ourselves and they are spot on, everything you need in a small, light pocket-able tool that you can rely on when you need it.

MPart MT13 13 Function Multi Tool in Silver http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/img_5637.jpg

A well thought out multi tool at a fraction of the price of more 'branded' products. We've used these ourselves and they are spot on, everything you need in a small, light pocket-able tool that you can rely on when you need it.

MPart MT8 Multi Tool in Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/img_5655.jpg

Light and simple multi tool to save you in sticky mechanical situations. M:Part haven't crammed the kitchen sink into this one, it's minimalist to say the least but if that's what you're looking for this is just the ticket.

Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Toe Cover http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/pearl_izumi_toe_cover.jpg

This classic slip-on toe cover is an essential addition to any cyclist's kit. With a simple pull-on design and ELITE Softshell material, it's a simple and effective way to keep your toes warm and dry on cool-temperature rides.

Frog bikes Kickstand in Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/frogkickstandsmall1.jpg

Made by Frog specifically for their bikes, the most handy of accessories. It's a great way of protecting the bike from being dropped and comes in two sizes to suit the smaller and larger ranges.

Elite CEO Kids Bottle + Cage Team Sky http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/eliteceobottlecageandbottleskyteam.jpg

A miniature version of the ever-popular bottle and resin cage that many full grown cyclists know and love, this combination kit for kid's bikes is a great starter pack for the up and coming cyclists of the future.

Topeak Mini 20 Pro Tool in Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/mini20promultitool5.jpg

Professional quality, one piece, light weight folding tool offering hardened steel tools with 20 functions. A forged aluminium body resists torque.

Cinelli T-Shirt Laser Bike in White http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/cinellilaserbikewhitet-shirt.jpg

A classic white tee with the effortlessly stylish columbus laser track bike on the chest, this is the perfect garment to keep you looking cool on and off the bike.

Cinelli T-Shirt with Columbus Badge http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/cinellitshirtcolumbuslogo.jpg

A classic black tee with the effortlessly stylish columbus logo on the chest, this is the perfect garment to keep you looking cool on and off the bike.

Park Tool Foldup Hex 1.5-6 mm in Blue http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/parktoolsetofallenhexkeys.jpg

The most universally useful tool to have both in the home workshop and on you whilst out on the ride- this neat tool contains a range of allen / hex keys from 1.5mm through to 6mm.

Pearl Izumi Select Thermal Lite Arm Warmer in Yellow http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/14371304_428.jpg

Seamless for comfort, light and flexible for fit and temperature regulation, these Pearl Izumi warmers are a vital part to helping maintain your ideal comfort level on the cooler days, while allowing for flexibility.

Pearl Izumi Unisex Barrier Headband in Black, one size http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/14361203_021.jpg

To help keep off the worst of the chill this headband is the ideal cold weather companion, working well underneath the helmet and with pony tails, it will keep your ears toasty and save those chill headaches.

Widget Mud Guard Black/Reflect http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/150326widgetguardsonwhite-019.jpg

Bringing together two already very sensible principles, not being soaked whilst you ride and being highly visible, Widget have created a really well thought out and nicely presented product to perform admirably in miserable conditions.

Widget Mud Guard Full Reflective http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/150326widgetguardsonblack-024.jpg

A genius idea, illuminating the use and utility of the mudguard! It's saving your backside twice over; once from the elements and once from other road users. They come in both part and full reflective options.

System-EX Large Ding Dong Chrome Colour Bicycle Bell http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/bell_system_ex_ding_dong_chrome.jpg

A large (83mm) classic chrome coloured bicycle bell with an authentic two part 'Ding Dong' sound. Perfect on a traditional bike with a clear friendly chime to approaching pedestrians or other cyclists.

XLC Universal Fit Bicycle Ping Bell Silver http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/bell_xlc_ping_silver.jpg

A simple universal fit bicycle bell that can be mounted in seconds without the need for tools. Emits a clear friendly 'Ping' sound, finished in polished silver.

HUMP Hi Viz Reflective Back Pack Cover Saftey Yellow http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/hvc0040.jpg

It's simple, it's effective, and it's versatile: a cover for your rucsac or pannier in bright and reflective materials which is highly visible from the side and the rear.

Circe SKS Mudguards in Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Mudguards.png

Full length, chromoplastic mudguards, made by SKS. Compatibe with 20" wheels, such as the Circe tandems

ETC Propstand 12-18 inch in black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/EKS001B.jpg

Adjustable propstand with four increments for use with 12 - 18 inch wheels.

ETC Propstand 24-26 inch http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/EKS003B.jpg

Adjustable propstand with four increments for use with 24 - 26 inch wheels.

Park Bottle Opener http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/qkbo2c.jpg

Park Tools BO2C - bottle opener

Park Tool SS15 Single Speed Spanner http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/qkss15.jpg

SS-15C - single-speed spanner

Park Tool Pizza Cutter http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/qkpzt2.jpg

PZT2 - Pizza tool

Crud Race Guard in Black http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/mgc60.jpg No Description Available
Juice Lubes Viking Juice 100ml http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Viking Jucie.jpg

Viking Juice is our premium, all conditions chain lube originally developed with swedish road riding legend Magnus Backstedt

SKS Raceblade Mud Guard 700C Silver http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/mgs507459.jpg

SKS Race Blade long mudguard silver

GT85 Professional Maintenance Spray http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/GT85.jpg

GT85 is a general purpose cleaning/lubricating spray.

Brooks Trouser Strap http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Trouser Strap 2.jpg

Leather trouser strap to stop trousers being tangled in the chain

Crud RacePac Mudguard Set http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/mgc70.jpg

Front & rear mudguards from the legendary mudguard makers Crud, this pack gets you the often copied front Crud Catcher & it's partner in crime, the rear Raceguard, all in one neat, money saving package.

Topeak X Tool http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/Topeak_XTool_open.jpg

10 function tool, perfect for everyday cycling. Beautifully finished. Includes a mini 4mm Allen wrench for tightening the X-Tool itself. A single piece moulded body offer strength and durability.

Elite O3one Chamois Cream 150ml http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/MAD/cr5010815.jpg

Protective cream containing the unique Ozone ingredient. Ozonized natural ingredients have effective anti-bacterial properties and assist skin repair. Suitable for both male and female riders.

Ass Saver Mudguard White http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/asssaverregwhite.jpg

We love these simple little mudguards, they fold up to hide away beneath your saddle and are always to hand to come out and play when you need them.

Ass Saver Mudguard Red http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/asssaverregred.jpg

We love these simple little mudguards, they fold up to hide away beneath your saddle and are always to hand to come out and play when you need them.

Mission Workshop Internal Tool Roll http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/mission_workshop_tool_roll_open.jpg

Our verdict: Perfect add-on for those looking to rationalise and organise. Never again will you have to rummage around the bottom of your bag or empty all of its contents in a vain search for tyre levers.

Ass Saver Mudguard Blue http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/asssaverregblue.jpg

We love these simple little mudguards, they fold up to hide away beneath your saddle and are always to hand to come out and play when you need them.

Truflo Micro CO2 Pump and Cartridge http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/trufloco2cartridgesandpump.jpg

Saving you time when you get a flat, this CO2 inflation system is a must-have for commuters or road riders who need to back on the bike quickly, it comes with the fitting and two cartridges.

Tern Multitool http://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/https://www.avonvalleycyclery.co.uk/images/tn-tern-tool-01-5.jpg

One of the best multi-tools available, offering a great selection of the most commonly used tools in a format and size that's easy to use, carry and store. A must have item while you're out and about.

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